Be Yourself!


 Who gets excited when they are able to truly be themselves?

When you can say what you think, how you feel, share your perspectives, how happy you feel, or disappointed or out of sorts, life ambitions, life goals and aspirations. . . Just being you.

This may seem simple and as though you’re always able to be this way – but this is not true a lot of the time. A lot of times our true self gets put to the side because we know that if we truly shared our honest thoughts and opinions, feelings and perspectives, things wouldn’t go well. This may be because you’re at work and disagreeing may not get you that promotion, or because a friend may feel offended and you don’t want to rock the boat, or because your loved one is going through a tough time and being honest may hurt their feelings, amongst other things. The problem with keeping your true self away is that if you keep doing this for a long period of time, when you try and be yourself it may be too difficult. It may feel almost impossible to show your true self because you haven’t done so in so long.


And if you do, it may actually change/end/improve your current relationships. I’ve done it myself and it’s been a wonderful journey; it’s done exactly that, it’s changed my relationships, ended others, and improved the rest. It’s not an easy path to take, given the risks – but I couldn’t recommend it more. Being you is amazing. You’re unique, you have thoughts/ideas/perspectives/feelings and it should be great to hear them.

Remember to try and surround yourself with people that will support you being yourself, even if that means that you contradict them a little bit or don’t always agree with them, it doesn’t mean you don’t care and/or love them – you’re just being you (and that is wonderful).

Have a lovely day!


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